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PrivSRO SBotP v1.0.31
The new version v1.0.31 of SBot for private Silkroad Online can be downloaded now.

Changes in v1.0.31:

Hi all,

we updated the website because the old one was getting up in years.
It should be fairly easy on the new site to find everything you need, feel free to explore.

Here are the most important changes:
  • Purging of inactive users: All users who never purchased or posted anything have been deleted
  • Bot username and bot password can now be changed from user profiles. Initially the bot password is the same as the forum password
  • SBot license duration will now be 4 weeks (28 days) instead of 30 days, therefore the HID limit will be increased to 3
  • The number of different computers using the same account can now be viewed from the users profile
  • PaymentWall has been integrated so that all customers can choose from a variety of new payment methods including PaysafeCards.
  • Much easier to find new bot versions and see changelogs under "Downloads". Users can now also "watch" a download resource, so that they will be informed e.g. per eMail if a new bot version is available.

Important notes:

  1. The new website doesn't support duplicate eMail addresses. Therefore duplicate eMail addresses have been changed to "duplicateX-[duplicate eMail address]" if found. After you logged into the new site please open your profile and check if your eMail address is valid. If not, please immediately change it to a valid address.
  2. Please download and use the new bot versions posted under "Downloads".
    The old bot versions will stop working in a few days.
  3. If you have any problems post in forums or sent a mail to

Have fun and happy botting!
The new version v1.99.123 of SBot for International Silkroad Online can be downloaded now.

Changes in v1.99.123:

PrivSRO SBotP v1.0.30
The new version v1.0.30 of SBot for private Silkroad Online can be downloaded now.

Changes in v1.0.30:

The new version v1.0.71 of SBotR for SilkroadR can be downloaded now.

Changes in v1.0.71: